Vegan Christmas Cocktails

Delicious dairy free cocktails great for Christmas parties or to relax with on Christmas Day! They are like desserts in themselves. The Snow Shake Recipe would also make a tasty treat for children if you omit the limoncello!

Banana Bread French Toast

Turn your banana bread into an even more indulgent treat! Great way to use up leftover or slightly stale banana bread. The banana also replaces both eggs and sugar in the batter, enjoy!

Whipped Caramel Latte

An indulgent cafe style drink inspired by the Dalgona Whipped Coffee Trend! Contains more nutritious forms of sugar than regular white sugar, so is more beneficial to health. It also makes a nice dessert!

Apple Sauce

This Applesauce recipe is not only easy and healthy but it's a delicious and versatile topping for desserts, filling for pies and apple crumble or to replace oil and sugar in baked goods! It can also be used in savoury dishes or just a tasty snack on its own!

Superfood Energy Bars

antioxidants, fibre, protein & omega 3s that help you reduce your risk of chronic diseases. So if you're looking for a a great and satisfying snack between meals, for kids lunchboxes, picnics, morning or afternoon tea, breakfast or any time you need an energy boost - look no further!

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