Maca Balls

My Maca balls are a really healthy snack that is great for parties or to give as a gift. In this recipe we use Maca powder which not only tastes great but is also rich in essential minerals.

Banana French Toast

My easy and tasty French Toast recipe, that makes a great brunch treat. Made using one of my favourite fruits - Bananas. Rich in vitamins and minerals, bananas are also highly versatile, in this recipe taking the place of both eggs and sugar.

Banana Coconut Bread

This is one of my favourite recipes because it is healthy enough to eat everyday. This also makes a great snack for children. As an added bonus, if you are diabetic banana is a really healthy way to correct low blood sugar.

Choc Chip Sandwich Cookies

Choc chip cookies are loved by all. In this recipe I will show you how to make a healthy alternative to this popular treat. And just to take it that bit further I've gone ahead and turned these into Sandwich Cookies.

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